International Day for Biodiversity 2018

It is International Day for Biological Diversity! Today Fauna in Focus showcased some of our high-quality environmental educational materials from our Wildlife Club program, and share some media at an event organized by the Cambodian Ministry of Environment.

We had great crowd engagement today, and our Cambodian Ecosystems board game was a huge hit! We had so many students playing at the same time that our Wildlife Instructor, Chea Samban, had to think fast on his feet and create a speed version for up to 20 players to play at one time! We were thrilled to help so many discover the importance of biodiversity and help the MOE's efforts in the development and preservation of biodiversity through this great community based event. With about 500 in attendance, at least 200 students were hands-on at our station. 

Activities included the Animal Adaptations board, where students explore different animals and the behavioral and physical adaptations they have and try to come up with ideas on how those adaptions help the animal survive in their natural habitat. Other stations included the primate information station, insect microscope station, and of course the popular Cambodian Ecosystems Board Game.

It was a very exciting day!

This kind of interactive and engaging education is widely under-represented in most Cambodian classrooms. Our Wildlife Clup program provides students with a fun and memorable learning experience. We believe they are more likely to remember what they have learned later using this hands-on approach.

Fauna in Focus would like to thank the Ministry of Environment for the invitation to participate in this amazing event. 

Jenny McInnesComment