Jombok Hoas EE Program Development

Fauna in Focus recently traveled to Preah Vihear to visit Jombok Hoas. This adventure learning camp is run by ADRA, and offers a group learning experience unlike anything you can find elsewhere in Cambodia. Here participants can zip-line through the forest and swing from high trees as they master their fears and build teamwork and communication skills. 

One of Jombok Hoas's primary objectives is to teach their students about protecting nature and respecting the environment. Fauna in Focus aided in the design of 2 new activities for the brand new "Jungle School" program. 

The first activity is an icbreaker designed to allow participants to learn one another names and discover the importance of biodiversity. From providing us with the air we breath and the food we eat, to the rubber for our shoes and the homes we build, biodiversity is an integral part of our every-day lives.

The second activity was a tree identification booklet. Students pair up and explore the forests of Jombok Hoas to find and identify the matching tree species found in their book. Along the way they will discover important facts about trees and their role in the water cycle, nutrient cycle, erosion and flood control and water filtration.

Over the course of the 15 day program, ADRA staff at Jombok hoas assisted with the design of the materials, partook in a comprehensive pre and post evaluation and multiple days of training on utilizing the new programs and resources. At the end of the day staff gained a new appreciation for wildlife and ecosystems, and gained valuable tools and skills needed to engage their audiences in exciting environmental education.