Filming Sarus Crane with BirdLife International

In early 2018, Fauna in Focus partnered with BirdLife International Cambodia Programme to begin production of 3 short films on the vulnerable Sarus crane. These beautiful birds are threatened by habitat loss and habitat degradation through poison hunting and pollution.

There are roughly 800 Sarus crane left in Cambodia. During the dry seasons, as the waters recede, Sarus crane and their new chicks migrate down from the Dry Dipterocarp Forest nesting grounds in the north. Many come to Boeung Prek Lapouv and Anglung Pring. Here they wade through the wet marshes searching for food and recovering their strength. These critical landscapes are protected by the local Ministry of Environment and BirdLife International. 

Fauna in Focus went on 3 filming expeditons to these two different sites to film sarus crane in the wild, as well as collect shots of the communities and surrounding landscapes. Samban, Rattanak, Dan and Oyen joined the main trip to film a large group of cranes at Anglung Pring in February 2018. Nearly 130 cranes had come to the site this year, and we spent two days creeping through the grass trying to get as much footage as possible. 

In the end we managed to collect some truely incredible footage, perhaps some of the best Sarus crane footage in the world. We then began the long and painful editing process to turn nearly 1 Terabyte of footage into three 5-minute film shorts. 

To watch our films visit our Wildlife Media Gallery, or check out our blog post about the film launch party here.