Insect Workshop 2017

Our First Community Wildlife Workshop connecting people and nature

What a great day! Fauna in Focus spent the afternoon learning about the incredible insect diversity of Cambodia with visiting insect researcher Jerome Constant. Jerome helped Fauna in Focus organize a special Community Wildlife Workshop, a fun and free community event that brought local and expat naturalists and students into closer appreciation of the vast diversity of insect life living right here in the forests of Angkor. After a brief introduction to insect taxonomy and basic scientific practices, we headed out to look for some creepy, crawly friends.

Masters students from the Cambodian Entomology Initiatives - CEI shared their skills and passion with the workshop participants, and Jerome Constant from the Museum voor Natuurwetenschappen - Muséum des Sciences naturelles demonstrated the power of citizen science. 

We hope to do more of these kind of events in the future. To learn more about our Wildlife Club or Community Wildlife Workshops, or to become an event sponsor, visit

Daniel Roper-JonesComment