USAID Film Distribution Campaign

With the support of Winrock International and USAID Cambodia, Fauna in Focus traveled the country to share A Cambodian Nature Film with local audiences. Not only did we visit cultural institutions, public cinemas, schools, NGOs and universities, but we also went back to all of the remote sites where we filmed to share our completed project with the local communities in the region.

Throughout the three month distribution campaign, we organized community screening events in collaboration with the Wildlife Conservation Society at Tmat Boey, not far from the area where we filmed giant and white-shouldered ibis. We share our film with the local communities near the vulture restaurant in Siem Pang with BirdLife International and with the communities near Elephant Valley Project, and BeTreed Adventures.

We shared our film with high schools and universities in Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and Battambong. At the Royal University of Phnom Penh, nearly 650 students, faculty and conservation personnel were invited to join.

Finally the Film Distribution Campaign also included online distribution. Over the three month period, our nature film amassed over 1.1 million views through a targeted Facebook marketing campaign in Cambodia alone. Additionally, the film was also split up scene-by-scene for easy viewing. In total, the film and its parts have accumulated over 1.5 million views here in Cambodia, and that number is still growing. This has made A Cambodian Nature Film by far the most ever watch nature film in Cambodia by a long shot. 

In 2018 the film was featured in the Cambodian International Film Festival. Click here to learn more.