Building Cambodia's First Nature Discovery Center

A Message From our Founder Dan

“I got into a career in wildlife conservation as a result of my formative years and early childhood experiences in nature. Many of these life-changing experiences happened at zoos, aquariums, national parks, hiking trails and nature centers. Now we want to give young Cambodian’s that same opportunity.

Our Nature Discovery Center will be a place where visitors of all ages and backgrounds can come to learn about wildlife in Cambodia and explore conservation. The whole point is to create a fun and interactive learning facility that promotes wildlife science and conservation to everyone.

Before people can be expected to embrace conservation, they must first know and understand nature and care for the fate of our world. This relates directly to knowledge and attitudes, which is the core focus of our work. Our environmental education and wildlife media outreach programs emphasize positive attitudes towards wildlife and conservation. Positive storytelling and promotion of nature are key to effecting real-world change.

Hands on learning and exploration is the name of the game here. Inquiry and discovery-based learning are highly efficient and underutilized education tools here in Cambodia, and help form memorable learning experiences. Through these interactive education methods, we aim to improve general knowledge of wildlife in Cambodia and understanding of environmental sciences and conservation, while also improving attitudes towards wildlife and instilling a sense of pride in Cambodia’s incredible biodiversity. In the long term this will help build a new generation of passionate, engaged, educated and skilled nature lovers and conservation leaders for Cambodia.

Our work attempts to get people to care about nature through pride, passion and personal connections. Through fundamental education, awareness, and attitude change, Fauna in Focus will help educate, train and inspire a new generation of conservation leaders and passionate nature lovers across the country. Our Nature Discovery Center is just the first step in this long but crucial process if we are to save the incredible biodiversity of Cambodia.”

We are excited to announce our inspirational plans to open Cambodia’s first Nature Discovery Center here in Siem Reap. The Nature Discovery Center will be a world class center for environmental education providing the ultimate nature discovery experience for young people, adults, teachers, monks, NGO staff and international visitors

Our goal is to open the Nature Discovery Center by November 2018, but first we need to raise $10,000, this will enable us to build interactive hands on displays and exhibits including:

·     Three Interactive Activity Stations:

o   Hall of Cambodian Biodiversity

o   Birds of Cambodia

o   Cambodian Ecosystems

·      A Science Discovery Classroom:

o   Five Classroom Tables

o   Twenty-five Classroom Chairs

·      Conservation Activity Station

·      A Wildlife Cinema:

o   Sound System

o   Cinema Screen

·      Tree Sculpture – made from upcycled plastic bottles and paper mache’

We need YOU to help us inspire a love of nature here in Cambodia.  You can help us by doing three things:

1.     Choose to make a Donation: You can help us build Cambodia’s first nature discovery center by making a donation today on our crowdfunding campaign.

2.     We Share – You Share: Share our crowdfunding campaign link to your friends and family by posting the link on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Remember these important dates:

o   Launch Day: Monday, September 10 (9:00am EST/8:00pm ICT)

o   Bonus Day: All donations are matched for 24 hours by GlobalGiving starting Monday, September 19 (12:0am EST/11:01am ICT)

o   Final Push: Monday, October 1 – only 1 day to go!

3.     Make it Personal: Ask your friends and family to consider supporting us by sending them a personal message or e-mail with the link to our campaign.

We are a small NGO, which means that every donation and supporter makes a big difference! Together we can build Cambodia’s First Nature Discovery Center and help educate Cambodians to save their natural environment.

Thank You for your support!

Dan & the Fauna in Focus Team

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