SHINE Wildlife Club Program

Fauna in Focus recently conduced a 7-day Wildlife Club program for SHINE in Siem Reap. Over the week students of varying ages learned about Cambodia's incredible wildlife through interactive education programs, games, artwork and media.

It was the first time many of these bright minds got to learn about Cambodia's animals in school, and feedback from the students and parents who heard about the program was very positive. 

Many of the programs involved group work to discover interesting facts about Cambodia's wildlife, and groups shared their findings with others, enabling students to learn from each other.

Students drawing wild animals from across Cambodia.

A group of your girls sort Cambodian animals into the different ICUN threat status groups.

Every day the students got to see some amazing video clips of Cambodian wild animals. There's nothing quite like seeing an HD video of a Critically Endangered giant ibis right after learning about how it is the National Bird of Cambodia. In addition the students got to flex their artistic muscles by drawing some of Cambodia's most iconic wildlife. Included in the picture was the animal, its habitat, the type of food it liked to eat and maybe even its IUCN threat status.

At the end of the week students participated in a trivia game to test the knowledge they had learned over the past 7 days of lessons. Students were able to identify all the characteristics of living things, the 5 IUCN threat categories, the most important things an animal needs from its habitat and many important terms including biodiversity. 

The students had a lot of fun, but more important they left the program with a new appreciate for the unique biodiversity of Cambodia and a love of wild animals that don't exist anywhere else on earth!