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Past Projects

Checkout some of our past projects in Environmental Education, awareness and Wildlife Media.


World Wildlfie Day 2018

On March 4th, 2018, Fauna in Focus hosted Cambodia's first ever World Wildlife Day. This public awareness event was held at Jaya House River Park in Siem Reap, and was open to the general public for free. The day saw over 250 local visitors, including over 150 students. This event featured materials and activities from our Wildlife Club program, including the Mekong River Run, Animal Adaptations Challenge, Insect Microscope Station, Primate Info Station and many more. We also screened our Cambodian Nature Film for all participants.

The event was led by volunteer students from Pannasastra University (PUC) and the Mekong School for Field Studies (SFS). Wildlife Instructors from Fauna in Focus provided advanced training to these students prior to the event. Teams of local and foreign university students worked together to share their knowledge of wildlife and conservation in Cambodia with the event participants.

The event also saw some of our educational graphics on display. Our Forests = Life posters convey simple and positive messaging that promote the importance of nature, forests and wildlife. These graphics are also being shared online and have reached thousands.


Entomology Workshop

Visiting insect researcher Jerome Constant helped Fauna in Focus organize a special Community Wildlife Workshop. This fun event brought local and expat naturalists and students into closer appreciation of the vast diversity of insect life that lives here in Siem Reap. After a brief introduction to animal taxonomy and basic science practices, we headed out into the forests of Angkor to look for some creepy, crawly friends.

Local university students from the Cambodian Entomology Initiatives also joined the event to assist and share their skills and knowledge. This was a fun and engaging way to learn about insects alongside local wildlife experts and brought locals and foreign naturalists together for a memorable, hands-on learning experience. 

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USAID Film Distribution Campaigns

After the launch of our Cambodian Nature Film, USAID Cambodia and Winrock International provided Fauna in Focus with a $25,000 grant in support of our Film Distribution Campaign. Over a three month period, Fauna in Focus Wildlife Instructors traveled across the country, sharing our film at community screening events in remote villages, universities, schools, cultural centers and more. 

As part of the Film Distribution Campaign, our Cambodian Nature Film was also screened over several days at the cinema in Siem Reap. Several school and NGO groups were invited to participate in this special showing. 

The film was also shared online. Within just one month the film reached over 1.1 million views within Cambodia. Today the film has been featured in the 2018 Cambodian International Film Festival, is included in the curriculum of many schools and universities across the country, and has over 1.5 million views online across its parts. Lear more about our future plans for this film series here.