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The Sarus Crane Film 

A BirdLife International - Fauna in Focus Collaboration

A Fauna in Focus - BirdLife International teamed up for this short film collaboration. This three-part film short explores the incredible Sarus Crane and conservation efforts to protect them here in Cambodia. Support projects like this on our new Patreon page.



A Fauna in Focus - BirdLife International Film Collaboration

BirdLife International - Cambodia Programme and Fauna in Focus Cambodia are please to present our short film collaboration on the vulnerable Sarus Crane. This 3-part series was sponsored by the Keidanren Nature Conservation Fund and BirdLife International - Tokyo, and explore Mekong Ecosystem Services, Sarus Crane Ecology, and Threats & Conservation in the lower Mekong Basin.

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Part 1/3 - Mekong Ecosystem Services

This is the mighty Mekong River. In this first scene we explore the the Mekong River Basin ecosystems of Cambodia's south east, and learn about the important services provided to local people and wildlife.

Part 2/3 - Sarus Crane Ecology

Meet the incredible Sarus Crane! These beautiful birds are some of Cambodia's most exquisite inhabitants, and the Mekong floodplains of Cambodia are some of the most important feeding grounds for these vulnerable birds.

Part 2/3 - Sarus Crane Ecology

In this final scene we explore the threats facing Cambodia's Sarus Cranes, as well as the conservation actions being taken by the local community, BirdLife International and the Ministry of Environment. 


Filming the vulnerable Sarus Crane

Fauna in Focus teamed up with BirdLife International for this 3-part film short. Our small team went out with their local community patrols and conservation staff to explore the unique habitats at Boeung Prey Lapouv and Anglong Pring, two Important Bird Areas (IBA) set aside by the Royal Cambodian Government. 

Over the course of three different filming expeditions we captured the landscapes, native wildlife and community interactions in this unique region. We timed our final trip to capture the arrival of the large Sarus Crane flocks at Anglung Pring.

In 2018 over 120 cranes arrived at their feeding site. We spent 2 days creeping through the reeds trying to get the best shots and natural behaviors without disturbing the birds. You can read more about this trip on our blog here.