Staff Profiles

Photo Credit: Phoeun Chhunheang

Daniel Roper-Jones


Dan "The Animal Man" started his career in Madagascar. While studying lemur behavior, he also produced the award winning film Nosy Maitso. Dan launched the Fauna in Focus project in 2015.

Photo Credit: Daniel roper-Jones

Chea Samban


You might know him as “David Attenborough of Cambodia.” Samban has been with FIF from the very beginning, and is the host of our first media campaign, A Cambodian Nature Film

Dyna Sovan Rattanak


Rattanak is known as “Monkey” by her friends and family. A budding film-maker and local wildlife expert, Rattanak joined FIF in 2017. She is taking a lead role in project development.

Christie Pink


Christie is donating her precious time and skills in graphic design to help us finish our master plan and fundraising graphics.


Volunteers & Contributors

Fauna in Focus relies on the help and contributions from many volunteers and contributors. Without these amazing people we would not be able to do the work we do! 

Photo Credit: Oyen Rodriguez

Oyen Rodriguez


Oyen is a professional filmmaker with a passion for wildlife. He has donated his skills to help produce a Cambodian Nature Film


Stefania Pirani

Volunteer Fundraiser

Stefania volunteered for Fauna in Focus for several months. She played a major roll in securing our first USAID grant of $25k.

Jyoti Degroote

Volunteer Designer

Jyoti's many contributions have helped shape the development of our project, from graphic design to project administration.

Photo Credit: Anna Bella Bettes

Stephane De Greef

Science advisor

Stephane has donated his time and expertise as a photograph and is our resident bug guy, and helped raise support for our film.

Terence Cigler


At age 14 Terrence produced his first award-winning wildlife documentary. He volunteered his skills to help finish our nature film.