Films & Videos Gallery

Here you can explore a selection of media, from promotional videos to interesting wildlife behaviors. This gallery will be growing and expanding as Fauna in Focus develops, and all of these resources are available for download via the Fauna in Focus vimeo page. Simple click the vimeo link for each video and you will be able to download our media in HD.



A Cambodian Nature Film

Our latest batch of videos promoting A Cambodian Nature Film. Here you can see interviews with the team behind the film, as well as some other promotional videos and trailers summarizing our vision for A Cambodian Nature Film and the future of Fauna in Focus in Cambodia.


The Nosy Maitso Project

Nosy Maitso: V1 Ranomafana

Here you can watch the 2011 award-winning Nosy Maitso film that began the evolution of Fauna in Focus. The film is about 45 minutes long, and is narrated in Malagasy with English subtitles.

Nosy Maitso Film Montage

A montage of landscape shots from Madagascar from the original Nosy Maitso film project.  Here you can see some of the sad threats facing Madagascar and the beauty and variety of the landscapes.

Nosy Maitso Educational Shorts

Mr. Lucien and the agricultural technicians from the Kianja Maitso demonstration site in Ranomafana town, Madagascar, teach community members how to prepare seeds and seed bags for the tree nursery.

In this short video, Centre ValBio's Health and Hygiene Educator Madame Heri teaches local villagers about the importance of community health as part of the national TOMADY health education program. 


Madagascar Wildlife ID Activity

Test you knowledge of Madagascar's unique wildlife. Play this activity from the original Nosy Maitso project DVD and see if you can name the species before the species identification appears on screen.


Wildlife Clips and Animal Behavior Videos

The name for Fauna in Focus came from a short video montage highlighting beautiful wildlife. This short clip is undergoing a redesign and re-scoring before it becomes the official promotional video for the new and improved Fauna in Focus in Cambodia.

A short video depicting interesting interactions of a reb-bellied lemur family group when their infant nearly falls from the trees. Many lemur babies die as a result of falls, and it is quite interesting to see how the parents react to the close call.


This odd behavior was observed in January 2010 by Daniel and Rachel Jacobs while conducting a study on the red-bellied lemur (Eulemur rubriventor). Here you can see the male anointing himself with the cyanide-like chemical produced by millipedes.This video was the first time this behavior was clearly captured on film with this species in the wild. 


Other Promotional Videos


A short promotional video produced for Sweetbriar Nature Center, a wonderful nature center in Smithtown, Long Island. They conduct wildlife rescue, rehab and release, as well as local community outreach and education.