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Vision, Values & Beliefs

Our vision for the future and everything we stand for.


Project Values & Believes



At Fauna in Focus, our mission is to improve knowledge of and attitudes towards wildlife and conservation. We do this through Nature Discovery, Environmental Education and Wildlife Media. We strongly believe that people will protect the things that they love, but they cannot love things that they do not know and understand. By improving knowledge and attitudes towards wildlife and conservation we aim to inspire and empower an entire new generation of nature lovers and conservation leaders in Cambodia.

Proactive - Not Reactive

Fauna in Focus is tackling the big problems in conservation at their source. Without a foundation of knowledge and an understanding of basic biological principles and natural process, people will not be able to appreciate the intrinsic values of nature. By addressing the lack of environmental education and awareness in Cambodia we help build the cultural foundation for conservation and the public and political will needed for conservation to succeed. 


As a wildlife conservation organization, environmental sustainability is one of our highest values. We have already taken strides to reduce our plastic consumption, and are committed to using only renewable resources in any future construction projects we embark on. Our future Nature Discovery Center will feature a Sustainable Souvenir Gift Shop stocked with locally-sourced products and handicrafts made from renewable or recycled resources. Should we find a suitable funding source, we aim power our Nature Discovery Center with 100% solar.


A Creative New Approach to Conservation

We are setting out to do something totally new and unique that is different from other conservation organizations. We approach conservation by tapping into new tools and methods that are overlooked or underappreciated. Everything we do is aimed at inspiring a love of nature and promoting wildlife conservation through nature discovery, education and media. Our very first pilot project in Wildlife Media is today the most watched Nature Film is Cambodia, with will over a million views.

Quality Over Quantity

While it might sound great to say we educated 20,000 students, the quality and the impact of our programs is far more important to us. We believe that high standards in environmental education and awareness projects will help people get excited and engaged in wildlife conservation.

Sharing is Caring

Teamwork, partnerships and collaboration are very important to Fauna in Focus. We have already partnered with many conservation organizations working in Cambodia to provide high-quality environmental education and wildlife media. In the future we will also partner with organizations who provide capacities or expertise outside the scope of our mission or our own skill sets. We are already planning Ranger Training Programs, Drones for Conservation Workshops, and an online environmental educator database. Want to work with us? Contact us here.


Monitoring & Evaluation

As an organization promoting wildlife science education, we also strongly believe in the importance of effective scientific monitoring and evaluation protocols. We envision all our our media and environmental education programs, workshops, events and training courses come with an accompanying evaluation protocol for a control group as well as participating students. These might come in the form of qualitative feedback or quantitative pre and post questionnaires, structured interviews, feedback forms and online poling. Our main goal is to improve knowledge of and attitudes towards wildlife and conservation. As such, gauging the impacts and improvements on knowledge and attitudes will always be our primary interest. 

Mission Creep

Fauna in Focus doesn't build toilets. We have a very clear vision of the kinds of projects we want to do, and an even clearer vision of those we don't want to do. Our expertise and our focus is in Nature Discovery, Environmental Education, Wildlife Media and Conservation. To avoid mission creep, everything we do will be within these mission areas. Our modular and salable budget also allows us to add or remove campaigns from our program as needed to match donor interest or available funding. This means we will always have the staff needed to complete our goals, and will not have to spread our resources too thin.

Child Protection Policy

As an organization that often provides education and training to children, Fauna in Focus is developing a child protection policy. Children in Cambodia are often put at risk through various ways. Fauna in Focus has already developed a media-release for minors and parents, and is working hard to improve our protocols for child safety. One of our current policies includes having all of our local Wildlife Instructor trained in First Aid. We keep a first-aid kit and stretcher with us on every outreach program.

Honesty & Integrity 

We aim to build our strengths through honest evaluation of our work. At Fauna in Focus, we strongly believe that mistakes and failures help an organization improve and grow. The results of our evaluations will always be shared publicly, even when they reveal weaknesses. The ability to admit failures, evaluate and review weaknesses provides us with a unique opportunity to adapt and improve in ways that will have a meaningful impact. 

Transparency & Accountability

At Fauna in Focus, we have a firm anti-corruption policy, and will always make our financial statements or annual reports available for review. 


Our Staff Policies

A vision of what our future team could look like and the values we have for our employees and volunteers.


Our Staff Values


A Local Team

At Fauna in Focus, we want our work to have a real-world benefits. To achieve this, we aim to have all decisions made by a local on-site team of experienced wildlife, education and media experts. To  insure we keep to a high standard in everything we do we will never engage in a project simply because it looks good on paper. We believe that our work can be best directed by a dedicated local team who know what will and what will not work.

Wages & Working Conditions

Wages and working conditions in Cambodia are still shockingly low. As of 2018 the average salary for a 40-50 hour work week is just $150 USD, and no leave or healthcare is provided. Many businesses here choose to take advantage of these low standards, but this is not something Fauna in Focus will do. We are committed to never exceeding a 5 to 1 ratio between the highest and the lowest paid employee. From the launch of our project in 2015 we have tried to provide our local staff with decent wages and working conditions, as well as health care, annual leave, paternal & maternal leave, regular working hours and even staff training experiences. We would like to be able to expand our health care befits to include the immediate family members of our local employees in the future.

A Safe Working Environment

Fauna in Focus is an equal opportunity employer and provides a safe working environment for all staff. In the future we aim to provide regular staff workshops on cultural sensitivity, professionalism, and team building exercises. We ensure a safe and comfortable working environment for all staff and volunteers, regardless of age, gender or nationality.


Future Team Breakdown

We envision a future team of 30 to 40 dedicated staff. These staff will be divided between four main departments. Our largest team will be the Environmental Education Department, which will design and implement a broad range of education programs, events, training workshops and manage activities at our Nature Discovery Center. Our Wildlife Media team will produce films, animations, info-graphics and communications channels and support the Education Department. The Administration Department will include accountants, fundraising officers and marketing personnel who will handle most of the admin and HR duties. Finally a Facilities team will manage day-to-day upkeep, security and maintenance at the Nature Discovery Center and the surrounding grounds.

Staff Training & Capacity Development

Our ultimate goal is to build a team of local managers and skilled educators, designers and film-makers who can run the Fauna in Focus Cambodia project independently. Where we cannot find suitable skills within country, we plan to match skilled foreign personnel with a local counterpart whom they will be required to train for replacement. We also aim to provide a budget for staff training that can help our local team build up their skills. This may include first aid, language training, computer training, foreign internship placements and more. We believe that investing in the long-term care and capacity development of our project will help us build a team of dedicated wildlife educators committed to long-term work with our project.