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Wildlife Club - Building a New Generation of Nature Lovers.

Advanced wildlife science programs, inspiring a love of nature and promoting the development of inquiry-based learning, critical thinking and teamwork skills.


The Cambodian Wildlife Club


Fauna in Focus is proud to launch our first environmental education program, the Cambodian Wildlife Club. We will be piloting these programs for primary and secondary schools in Siem Reap. Lessons introduce wildlife, environmental science, nature and biodiversity through fun and engaging activities that are unlike anything they will experience in school. With available funding, field expeditions are also arrange. Explore this interactive catalog to learn about our lessons.




Our Wildlife Club is designed to international learning standards and teaching methods. These fun and engaging programs are designed around inquiry-based learning, and rely heavily on student-led activities, media, biofacts, and well-developed teaching resources to give students a unique, hands-on learning experience. Our lesson work best as extracurricular programs that supplement school curriculum. 


Inquiry-based Learning

Lessons are designed around inquiry-based learning that encourage exploration, and the development of critical-thinking, teamwork, and public speaking skills, and encourage student-led discussions and group activities.


Biofacts & Materials

We spend months building each program and testing activities. We use high-quality science equipment, biofacts, and well-developed teaching resources to give students a unique, hands-on learning experience.

Fun & Engaging Activities

These lessons are designed to be fun. We want to inspire a passion for wildlife and conservation in Cambodia and around the world. As such, we don't ask students to take notes, and we won't administer tests.



Our suggested audience for our current lessons are students in grade 4 to 7. However please note that we can adapt to meet the needs of your students. Lessons can be conducted in either English or Khmer.


Each program is designed to run for around an hour, but we allow for an hour and a half for students who wish to explore each lesson or activity further. We ask schools to allow a 2 hour window, for setup and tear-down time.



Fauna in Focus provides all required AV setup and transport to and from your school. Access to power is highly beneficial as each program is designed with an accompanying, interactive media-based presentation.



Single Program

Want to see what are programs are all about? Have a look at our interactive program catalog and choose a lesson that fits your current curriculum.

Semester Series

For the full impact and a big discount, sign up for a semester series and give your students a unique opportunity to build a real passion for nature.




Fauna in Focus also provides field expeditions to bring school groups into wild landscapes across Cambodia and bring students into closer contact with nature. On our expeditions students study wildlife in its natural setting and learn about conservation from experts in many different fields. A team of Fauna in Focus Wildlife Instructors will provide special program activities and lessons throughout the trip.

Contact us if you would like to arrange a Nature Discovery program.