Episode One - The Kingdom of Nature


Get ready to fall in love with nature in Cambodia. In this film we travel with local naturalist, Chea Samban, as he takes us across Cambodia, The Kingdom of Nature. We explore Cambodia's varied ecosystem and unique wildlife, and stop to meet inspiring conservation heroes working to preserve nature. We strongly believe that high-quality wildlife media can help us change the way people interact with nature in Cambodia by inspiring pride in natural heritage and promoting conservation.





The film is narrated in Khmer, with English subtitles, and is the first high-quality nature production made in Cambodia. The film aims to inspire a sense of national pride in Cambodian biodiversity while promoting the conservation efforts of our partners. Learn more about our conservaiton partners and sponsors below.

This film is already the most watched nature film in Cambodia, but we have much bigger plans for our future. We hope to make many new films, shorts and educational videos. To help us make this happen, click here to donate  or learn about our current sponsorship opportunities. You can even sponsor production of an educational film short.