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Nature Discovery, Environmental Education & Wildlife Media

Our mission: to improve attitudes towards wildlife, promote conservation and inspire a love of nature in Cambodia.


A Journey Begins

Fauna in Focus is a brand new environmental education and public awareness project, based in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Our mission is to improve knowledge of and attitudes towards wildlife, raise support for conservation and inspire a love of nature in Cambodia.  We approach wildlife conservation from three unique angles. To have a significant impact, all three of these areas of work are desperately needed in Cambodia.


A Cambodian Nature Film

Our Cambodian Nature Film is the first high quality nature film in Cambodia. Narrated entirely in Khmer, the film promotes wildlife and conservation. 




This is the first public awareness project from Fauna in Focus. It also happens to be the first high-quality wildlife film made for Cambodia. We set out to test our idea of using wildlife media media to reach and inspire audiences, and already the film has reached 1.4 million views.

Watch the full movie here, or explore scene-by-scene.


Fauna in Focus has big plans for our Wildlife Media programs. We hope to continue this film series for many years to come, as well as launch a host of new media-based campaigns that will help empower a generation of nature-lovers in Cambodia. 

Learn how you can be a part of this exciting initiative here or click here to learn more about our Cambodian Nature Film. You can also apply for a film usage license here.


Wildlife Club Programs

A new wildlife science and environmental education program that aims to build a new generation of nature lovers in Cambodia. Each of our lessons have been carefully designed to promote inquiry-based learning, critical thinking and teamwork skills.




Your support can make a big difference in Cambodia, and we put every dollar to good use. Make a donation today and become a Wildlife Champion. You can help empower a generation of nature-lovers across the country.



Do you have experience in fundraising, graphic design, or project management? We might have an exciting volunteer placment or internship opportunity for you.



Want to contribute equipment or share photos, videos or lesson plans? Fauna in Focus can put your old stuff to great use here in Cambodia.


You can help us bring advanced discovery learning programs to hundreds of underprivileged local schools and NGOs across the country.


Wildlife Champions

Learn more about our current sponsorship opportunities and the other ways you can help out. We have a range of sponsor-for-a-day and campaign sponsorship programs. Join us and become a Fauna in Focus Wildlife Champion.

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Wildlife Club

Fauna in Focus has just launched our first environmental education program, the Cambodian Wildlife Club. These interactive lessons offer world class standards in wildlife science training and education for primary schools in Siem Reap.

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Cambodian Nature Film

Fauna in Focus produced the first high-quality nature film in Cambodia. It aims to inspire a love of nature and promote pride in the natural heritage of Cambodia. It was release in March 2017, and already has over a million views online.

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The Master Plan

Want to learn more about what we do or get involved as a founding sponsor? Download our Project Summary, or get in touch for for information on our top secret Master Plan to build a world-class Nature Discovery Center in Siem Reap.

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