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"In the end we will conserve only what we love, we will love only what we understand."

- Baba Dioum


What is Fauna in Focus?

Cambodia is a small country, yet it is home to a rich diversity of plant and animal life. From wild elephants to clouded leopards, the country is home to some of the most iconic animals in the world. Sadly, many of these precious creatures are under threat, and the wild habitats where they live are vanishing. Today there is a tragic disconnect between people and nature. Education and awareness is desperately needed if we are to change the way people interact with the world.


Fauna in Focus is a new environmental education and public awareness project based in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Our mission is to improve knowledge of and attitudes towards wildlife, raise support for wildlife conservation and inspire a love of nature in Cambodia. We do this through tree different approaches:



We are currently fundraising to launch the first Nature Discovery Center in Southeast Asia. This interactive facility will bring advanced environmental education to all and help support our conservation education campaigns.


Our pilot environmental education program is the Wildlife Club. These fun and interactive programs aim to inspire a new generation of nature lovers in Cambodia, and use world-class teaching resources and methodologies.


Media-based resources like film, graphics and online applications can reach audiences far beyond the classroom. Our first project, A Cambodian Nature Film, reached over 1.4 million views in its first month, yet this is just the beginning.

Nature Discovery

We are currently fundraising for the development of the first Nature Discovery Center in Southeast Asia, a place to make nature learning accessible to all.

Hall of Life on Earth 1.png


Fauna in Focus has already completed the designed for a large, world-class Nature Discovery Center. This social enterprise will be open to the public, and will raise support for our Environmental Education and Wildlife Media campaigns through ecotourism. We are looking for partners, sponsors and investors willing to help us pilot this project in Siem Reap.


Interactive activity stations

At the Nature Discovery Center, visitors of all ages and backgrounds will engange with interactive activity stations and hands on installations to learn about wildlife and conservation in Cambodia.

WILDLIFE science classroom

A world-class classroom outfitted with teaching resources, AV setup, and space for classes up to 40 students. This classroom will host our Wildlife Club and other training programs.

Hall of Cambodian Ecosystem

In this hall, visitors will be transport to the Cambodian Rainforest, the Northern Plains Dry Forests, and the freshwater landscapes of the Mekong River and Tonle Sap. 

wildlife cinema

Hidden in the back of the Nature Discovery Center is the Wildlife Cinema, a small theater with space for up to 40 visitors. The cinema will feature regular screenings of A Cambodian Nature Film and out Wildlife Media shorts.

Environmental Education

Our Environmental Education programs seek to reconnect people with their environment, and help build a new generation of nature lovers in Cambodia.




Without a fundamental foundation of public awareness, education and training, wildlife conservation cannot succeed. Today there is a tragic disconnect between people and nature in Cambodia. Our Environmental education programs seek to reconnect people with their environment, and help build a new generation of nature lovers across the country.



Our pilot Environmental Education Program, the Wildlife Club program offers some of the most advanced nature education programs in Cambodia. Interactive lessons, world-class materials and field expeditions offer a unique and memorable learning experience for local students.


In collaboration with local universities, Fauna in Focus hosted Cambodia's first World Wildlife Day on March 4th, 2018. This event brought over 250 local students together to participate in interactive wildlife education activities.


Fauna in Focus organizes regular Community Wildlife Workshops. These programs bring people into closer connection with nature alongside wildlife experts. Learn more about our recent Entomology Workshop here.

Community Outreach PROGRAMS

With the support of USAID Cambodia & Winrock International, Fauna in Focus brought A Cambodian Nature Film to rural communities across the country. At each community event we organized special educational activities and programs for locals and school students.



We've got big plans for the future of Environmental Education in Cambodia. Checkout some of the exciting education campaigns we are already starting to work on. These programs and training campaigns will help build a new movement of environmental champions here in Cambodia and promote wildlife conservation across the country.


Wildlife Media

Media can reach audiences far beyond the classroom, helping inspire pride in natural heritage and building a new environmental movement across Cambodia.



Fauna in Focus started our project with A Cambodian Nature Film. Since then we have also worked on smaller Wildlife Shorts, info-graphics and signage to promote wildlife conservation and nature in Cambodia. These resources have huge potential to reach audeinces far beyond our classrooms to inspire a love of nature across the country.



Our first public awareness campaign. The film has over 1.5 million views here in Cambodia, and is being used today in school and university programs around the country. It was also featured in the 2018 Cambodian International Film Festival.


We are currently working on a new series of educational wildlife shorts. These mini documentaries cover a wide range of Cambodian species. We aim to continue producing new films and animations each month.


Our Forests = Life graphics have been shared thousands of time online, and were even featured at our World Wildlife Day event. Signage and graphic design offers an easy way to reach millions with positive conservation messaging.



We aim to expand our Wildlife Media team and reach millions in Cambodia with nature promotion and educational content.  From animations to an interactive field guides, media offers enormous potential to reach the young and digitally-connected population here to inspire and empower future generations to care for Cambodia's natural heritage.

Future Plans9.png
Future Plans11.png

"We and nature are one."

- Chea Samban, 'A Cambodian Nature Film'


The Master Plan

FIF Project Summary V3.jpg

Want to learn more about our future plans? Download the Project Summary document here for more information about our mission, current and future plans, as well as the many ways you can help out. Learn about our Cambodian Nature Film, meet our founding members, or explore our vision for the future of Nature Discovery and Wildlife Media in Cambodia.

If this sparks your interest, contact us for a copy of our Master Plan or learn how you can get more involved as a Wildlife Champion. We are always looking for new partners or sponsors, and even a little support can go a long way here. You can help us build a new generation of nature lovers across Cambodia.


A Message From Our Founder


My name is Daniel. I have worked in wildlife conservation and education for nearly ten years. I started Fauna in Focus because I believe there is not enough emphasis put towards environmental education and awareness. At Fauna in Focus we tackle conservation from a unique approach. We are building a vital foundation of knowledge and attitudes that leads to the public and political will needed for conservation to be accepted. When people do not know about the intrinsic values of biodiversity or its impact on their daily lives it is illogical to expect conservation to succeed. Through nature discovery, environmental education and wildlife media, we are setting out to improve knowledge of and attitudes towards wildlife and conservation in Cambodia.

Today, Fauna in Focus is already taking the first steps to inspire positive changes in the relationship between people and nature in Cambodia. Our first media campaign reached over 1.6 million people in just a few months, and our Wildlife Club program offers some of the most advanced nature education programs in the country, yet this is just the beginning! We have far bigger plans for our future, from the first Nature Discovery Center in Southeast Asia, to a broad range of Environmental Education and Wildlife Media programs. But we, cannot do this alone. We need your support. Please consider becoming a Wildlife Champion and help us inspire a country to preserve the world we all share.

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